15 AMP/120 V 5-15R Single Outlet



Most frequently ordered by Exhibitors and Vendors.  Provides up to 1875 Watts at 120 Volts.

If your power requirements are GREATER than 1875 Watts order additional multiple quantities of this item to meet your power requirements.

A required Fire Marshal approved cord/receptacle will be brought to the back of or to one side of  your booth space providing you with your electrical service.  Exhibitors/Vendors are to plug their equipment, power strips and/or extension cords into this  Fire Marshal approved receptacle. 

Vendors may bring their own extension cords and power strips although these cords may not be plugged directly into the facilities wall, floor or column outlets.    Extension Cords, Power Strips, are NOT PROVIDED.  This services does not include the price of an Electrician for Special Drops.